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          CCEC Held Summer Holiday Activities

           for Employees’ Children


          To enrich the live of employees’ children in summer holiday and make them have a better understanding of parents’ daily routine,recently CCEC held two different activities for those children.



          14 employees’ children who were college students took part in the two-week summer internship, and 46 primary and middle school students took part in the activity of working with parents.


          大學生暑期實習  Internship for college students



          July 23th, 14 college students, employees’ children, received training of safety matters needing attention and visited the exhibition hall and main workshops of CCEC. Then, they were divided into 7 sections and offices according to their majors. Leaders of the sections and offices assigned them work to do and appointed guide teachers for them. Their week-week internship began.


          實習結束時,14名實習生向公司遞交了實習總結報告,完整記錄了實習過程點點滴滴以及實習的收獲和體會。在座談會上,來自西南大學的譙越月說:“在康明斯實習讓我感悟很深的莫過于康明斯文化,安卓總經理的講話展現了公司對人性和民生的關注”;來自湖南大學的曾昱岑說:“感謝康明斯公司給我提供這次實習機會,讓我了解了真正的社會是個什么樣子,深刻體會到父母賺錢不容易,現在最大的變化是每天回家后主動幫助父母做家務,做一個孝順乖 巧的女兒”;來自四川外語學院的汪檬感受很深,她說:“通過實習,找到了自己的優勢和不足,今后的學習目標更明確。同時,康明斯文化和良好的工作氛圍給我留下了深刻的印象,將指導我今后的生活和工作。感謝康明斯!”

          When the internship was over, 14 college students handed in internship report to the company which kept a clear record of what they have gained and experienced in the two weeks. In the summary meeting, Qiao Yue from Southwest University said: “What impressed on me most is the culture of CCEC. Mr. Andrew’s speech reflects that company focus on humanity and people’s livelihood.” Zeng Yicen from Hunan University said: “Thanks CCEC for giving us the internship opportunity. It makes me know what society is really like and acutely aware of how difficult it is for parents to make money. The biggest change of my since internship in CCEC is that I do the housework after work, being a filial and cute daughter. Wang Meng from Sichuan International Studies University had a lot of to say. She said: “Though the internship, I find my strong points and shortcomings. I have a clearer target in my future study. Meantime, the culture and good working atmosphere of CCEC impress me a lot. All of these will be guidance in my future work and live. Thanks CCEC.”


          中小學生公司參觀Visiting to company of primary and middle school students



          In the morning of July 9th,2012, 46 primary and middle school students whose parents work in Maintenance Workshop #1, Heat Treatment Workshop, Financial Section, Quality Department, HR section went to company to experience how difficult parents’ work were.



          During the visit, organizers introduced the diversity culture and engines of CCEC to them in the form of story and 3D spatial model respectively. After visiting the showroom and workshops, they worked with parents to experience the busy and rush work.



          Children were impressed by the graceful environment of company, the rumble of machines and difficulty of parents’ work. They all said that they would study harder while coming back to school and repay parents with good grades. They also hoped to work in the excellent company like CCEC when they grew up and made more contribution to society. Jin Tong, who was admitted to a famous university in America recently and would study abroad, said: “It is the first time that I’ve paid a visit to my parents’ company. Here I feel the good atmosphere of the company and see the great effort my parents make in the work and also know how they set good example to others. I will study hard abroad, hoping have the chance to devote myself to CCEC to repay society.



          "These two activities will help employee's kids to understand their parent better." Andrew Penca - General Manager said. "Children will know their parent are great and doing most important works. And employee will get the biggest happiness for being understood and supported by their families."